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Pattern micro


At Pattern Micro Cultivation we care about growers. Our complete focus is on building GMP certified cultivation facilities across Canada and creating the largest community of independent growers in the world. We empower and create a collective that leverages its bargaining power to negotiate the most profitable supply agreements. The brand’s first mover status will allow us to help create the Canadian craft cannabis marketplace and ensures that there is an opportunity for all independent growers to enter the legal cannabis ecosystem. 

This is why we created Pattern Micro Cultivation.

Our business and logistical expertise combined with your cultivation prowess creates a powerful partnership. By creating a collective of independent micro cultivators, we are able to compete with the existing economy of scale by creating our own economy of scope.  A broad portfolio of cannabis strains, oils, edibles (2019), and lifestyle products will create a marketing advantage for our growers by appealing to a greater range of customer preferences. Continued diversification will sustain this advantage. Our turnkey ‘plug and grow’ model scales our cultivation square footage while keeping expansion and overall costs well below that of traditional producers.

A-lot has to be covered in terms of time, capital, logistics, and effort, for a grower to transition into the legal cultivation ecosystem in Canada. Pattern will be there every step of the way.