Pattern Micro Cultivation provides a new opportunity for ground level investment in Canadian cannabis cultivation – perhaps one of the last good opportunities available. Our model has an attractive ROI with expansion costs that are far lower than traditional licensed producers.

We believe that a unique joint venture partnership with various licensed producers to build out micro cultivation facilities across Canada provides a tremendous opportunity for both organizations and their investors. We have been in discussions with several LPs about a partnership like this. The partnership would have the LP purchase and vend-in proprietary growing technology we have sourced, a selection of their genetics, start-up materials, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and support. Pattern would oversee funding, design, construction, other logistics and operation of the facilities. Each LP participating in the model would receive an agreed upon percentage of output to recover their initial investment. They would also have the first right of refusal on the remaining output.  A legacy discount would be built in after the vend in has been recovered.  There is also the opportunity for these LPs to access to genetics outside of their portfolios that they would not normally have had.

Under this model, Pattern will raise necessary capital to acquire land to build out micro cultivation and/or processing facilities. We may also allow entrepreneurs to vend-in existing municipally approved land in exchange for equity in facilities built on their land. 

The turnkey Pattern and LP cultivation facilities could be run as corporate units or may be leased to approved operators. Like real estate development models in other sectors, the collateral & cash flow would be used as leverage to secure debt financing for expansion.

Why Partner With Pattern? 

The Pattern brand is positioned as one of the thought leaders and first movers in micro cultivation; we have generated tremendous interest and continue to be contacted by new leads daily as a result.

Our founder’s ten years of franchising experience in the cannabis sector allows for quick and effective vetting of potential cultivation partners who reach out to Pattern though our website, social, and referral networks. Our ability to screen out those who do not meet our stringent criteria within a 30-minute call is critical.

Pattern has utilized Tom’s experience in developing enforceable franchising contracts to create master licensing agreements with our foundational partners and potential facility lease partners. Sophisticated facility management and compliance enforcement are mandatory for this venture and there is an existing template from a cannabis accessory brand which was used as the foundation for Pattern. 

To date, we have shortlisted 10 plus potential entrepreneurs who would be willing to vend-in all or a portion of their land plots into Pattern in exchange for equity and the ability to lease a turnkey cultivation facility from us.

For more information about how to participate in Pattern’s investment model, to contribute as a land owner, or to learn more about becoming a joint venture LP partner, please complete the form below.

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