Our Community.

We are building a community of the best craft growers in Canada and we are fuelled by passion and respect.


Passion and respect for the plant


Passion and respect for freedom and independence


Passion and respect for the cannabis lifestyle

Independent growers will produce the best dried flower and cannabis products in the legal cultivation ecosystem. There will be challenges with regulatory compliance, business processes, logistics, distribution, and the supply agreements will favor the broker and not the independent grower.  None of the territorial or provincial distribution outlets will purchase from one individual grower.  Our leverage increases as the Pattern collective grows.  The per gram average sale price will be higher if we work together instead of competing against one another.  

Our community is bigger than just growers. We have assembled a team of facility designers, builders, equipment suppliers, growing consultants, software companies, communications and marketing experts, lawyers, potential investors, and other strategic partners. 

Together, as a community, we will compete with the larger cultivators and we will all prosper.