You Don’t Have to Compromise Your Values to Become a Legal Cannabis Micro Cultivator


Since the legalization of adult-use cannabis in October 2018, many independent growers have shied away from joining the booming legal cannabis marketplace. With a fear of losing independence and quality, micro cultivators often feel overshadowed by large scale producers and distributors that are working hard to supply large volumes of cannabis to Canadians. It's an interesting dynamic because consumers so badly want the quality craft cannabis that the micro cultivation industry will be able to supply once some of the country’s best and most experienced growers decide to join the legal industry.

So how do micro cultivators legalize their business without compromising who they are? At Pattern Micro Cultivation, we help independent growers to transition into the legal cannabis cultivation ecosystem, while allowing them to focus on what’s important to them - growing the best cannabis possible while being free and independent. We believe that great cannabis cultivators should be able to have the best of both worlds and we want to help them get there.

So why should independent growers go legal?

Though the legal cannabis ecosystem may seem daunting for micro cultivators, we have created a turnkey conversion platform that allows cultivators to keep their independence while increasing their bargaining power. 

We have heard from cultivators who are afraid their brands will have a hard time getting noticed by consumers when trying to compete against larger producers who dominate the market. However, when micro cultivators unite, they increase bargaining power and this is the best way to maintain and grow their client base.  

Further, we know that ultimately consumers will decide which cannabis will be sold through retailers and we are already seeing some brands struggling to move their product off store shelves - consumers will choose quality cannabis time and time again and we know the craft market has a massive advantage over large scale producers in this regard.

With high-quality flower, oils, edibles, and other products, micro cultivators can meet consumer demand, provide unique products, and continue doing what they do best.

How can Patter Micro Cultivation help independent growers go legal?

At Pattern Micro Cultivation, our goal is to unite micro cultivators and create a thriving craft cannabis marketplace. This begins with supporting independent growers in the joining the legal industry. We oversee and support every aspect of this process, from security assessment and upgrades to equipment sourcing and even branding.  

We also build state-of-the-art, GMP certified cultivation facilities and we have hired some very experienced architects and builders to help with this process. GMP certification means allows our cannabis can be exported out of Canada by a purchaser with the required license and this gives more options and more power to our cultivators. With our LP partners, we will negotiate supply agreements regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Are you ready to join the legal craft cannabis marketplace? Submit a registration form today and we will be in touch shortly!

Tom Doran