Run Your Business and Keep an Independent Lifestyle


In the Canadian cannabis marketplace, legalization has become necessary for survival. Although, we know that many micro cultivators are hesitant to obtain a license. After speaking with dozens of independent growers, Pattern Micro has discovered that the most common misconception of going legal is the loss of independence that our pre-legalization cannabis growers are accustomed to.

We want to breakdown this misconception and provide micro cultivators the tools and resources they need to legalize their practice and maintain their independent lifestyle. 

It’s true - legalization means more regulated steps throughout production and distribution (licensing forms, compliance, capital requirements, equipment sourcing, and financing …).

Though these requirements may be stringent compared to the illegal processes, micro cultivators do not have to tackle these tasks alone. Pattern Micro focuses on the groundwork so micro cultivators can focus on what they do best. This includes providing access to GMP micro facilities, where we aggregate production and stream compliant output through our distribution portal. All that is left for micro cultivators to do is cultivate high-quality cannabis that the craft cannabis market is known for. This mutually beneficial partnership gives micro cultivators the resources to independently perfect their craft and produce enough product to satisfy the growing customer base. 

That’s why we stand by our tagline … Grow with Us … because if you are a part of our collective you get to grow while we worry about the compliance and regulatory needs.

Beyond streamlining the legalization process, the Pattern Micro unites talented micro cultivators throughout Canada. As a collective, we can increase our bargaining power to negotiate the prices of our cannabis products in a way that benefits both the producer and consumer. Through a partnership, independent craft cannabis producers can compete in the economy by providing affordable, accessible, one of a kind products.

Without legalization, micro cultivators will be forced to fight for a dwindling customer base as the legal sector grows to provide more options to consumers. They will also continuously be at risk of charges and closure.

Don’t let the unknown stop you from legalizing your business and reaping the rewards. With Pattern Micro, you will maintain your independent lifestyle while gaining the support of legalization experts and other talented growers around the country.

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Tom Doran