Navigating the Legal Landscape as an Independent Cannabis Grower


Canada’s legal cannabis economy is booming, with demand steadily increasing in both the recreational and medical markets. Large scale cultivators and distributors hold a majority share of the market, while the micro cultivation industry is still in its early infancy and a lot of Canada’s best cannabis cultivators are still not participating in the legal cannabis ecosystem.

There are several reasons why cannabis cultivators are hesitating to enter the legal cannabis cultivation industry – cost and uncertainty associated with licensing, the lack of retail stores across Canada and fear that micro cultivators will not be able to compete with large-scale producers are just some of those reasons.

At Pattern Micro Cultivation, however, we believe that the micro cultivation ecosystem provides an excellent opportunity for growers – and when you work with Pattern, you will not be alone in your journey!   

Pattern Micro Cultivation helps growers to navigate the legal cannabis landscape and supports their transition into the legal cultivation ecosystem. Because of the collective nature of our program, our growers also have more bargaining power, making it easier to thrive against larger scale producers. By highlighting what makes micro cultivation different and superior, we join the legal cannabis conversation and bring awareness to issues surrounding production standards and product quality.

Why Should you Join the Legal Landscape?

In Canada, the legal cannabis market will eventually become the whole cannabis industry. The legal industry has made cannabis more accessible and it has provided consumers with more options and more knowledge on the variety of products available to them. As consumers indulge in the benefits of legal cannabis, they are less likely to purchase cannabis illegally over time. Further, new cannabis consumers are likely never going to purchase cannabis from the illicit market and this fast-growing segment of the population provides a great opportunity for new revenue. Thus, if micro cultivators are not licensed, they are missing out on a large part of their market, which is growing every day.

So how do micro cultivators use legalization to grow their business?

This is where Pattern Micro Cultivation comes in. Our goal is to unite micro cultivators in a way that allows each grower to hold onto what makes them unique – be it a growing technique, great genetics, an awesome reputation or any other differentiating factors.

Our process begins with supporting cultivators through every step of the transition into the legal cannabis cultivation ecosystem, including security assessment and upgrades, compliance, facility design, and build-out, branding, and ongoing support. With a group of experienced and sophisticated legalized micro cultivators, we can meet consumer demand without compromising quality, values, and independence- as so many mass producers are forced to do to meet demand.

 With legalization now firmly in place, micro cultivators can create a craft cannabis market that garners long term success and a devoted consumer base without compromising the practices that make their cannabis products superior.

We are committed to this idea and we are here to support you – contact us to today to learn more.  

Tom Doran