Attaining a License Gives Micro Cultivators More Freedom


Cannabis growers across Canada have been working for decades to produce one-of-a-kind, high-quality products. These growers have transformed our understanding of cannabis and alleviated some of the stigma surrounding cannabis consumption. However, with the recent legalization of cannabis in Canada, many of these revolutionary growers and their methods are not being recognized by consumers due to a lack of license.

Instead of taking advantage of this growing customer base, many micro cultivators avoid legalization due to the lack of information. Some growers are unsure of how to legalize their business, while others fear the potential loss of independence. In reality, obtaining a license is the ticket for micro cultivators to have even more power over their product.

Many micro cultivators produce the highest quality cannabis available. Many micro cultivators methods are expensive and produce small yields; as a result, the consumer is charged a higher price than many other products on the market.

So how do micro cultivators compete with more affordable alternatives?

At Pattern Micro, we unite world-class micro cultivators to give them a voice in the cannabis economy. More cultivators in our collective means power to set the prices of our products and ability to distribute with a further reach.

Pattern Micro assists micro cultivators with the legalization process and we also provide micro cultivators access to our GMP micro facilities to support all production and distribution needs. With much of the groundwork out of the way, micro cultivators are able to focus on what they do best, with the resources that allow them to do more of it.

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Tom Doran