We are Craft Cannabis.

We are Pattern Micro Cultivation.

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Our vision is to create Canada’s largest legal independent collective of world-class micro cultivators.  We will aggregate production and stream compliant output through our distribution portal.

A collective is a group of entities that share or are motivated by at least one common issue or interest, or work together to achieve a common objective.

How We are Different

Pattern is a first mover in the micro cultivation space and we are the only entity building GMP micro facilities to purpose. All other models use the right of first refusal supply agreement; this system allows brokers and other purchasing entities to collaborate, cooperate, and agree on an average price per gram that will be lower than the price per gram average that Pattern’s collective will negotiate in the open craft cannabis marketplace. We will sell large quantities of our output to these companies. Pattern and its competitors want craft cannabis to thrive in Canada, but we simply differ on our approach.

Pattern will create a craft cannabis marketplace where our output will be sold at the market value price that we negotiate. Our bargaining power increases when micro cultivators are consolidated across the country.  We also process and package the output onsite at each facility and this allows us to be both selective about to whom our crops are sold to and the average price per gram we receive.

We will succeed by sticking with our approach and living our values:  collaboration, community, craft, and compliance.



We care about growers.

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Our complete focus is on building GMP certified cultivation facilities across Canada and creating the largest community of independent growers in the world. We empower and create a collective that leverages its bargaining power to negotiate the most profitable supply agreements. The brand’s first mover status will allow us to help create the Canadian craft cannabis marketplace and ensures that there is an opportunity for all independent growers to enter the legal cannabis ecosystem.

This is why we created Pattern Micro Cultivation.

Our business and logistical expertise combined with your cultivation prowess creates a powerful partnership. By creating a collective of independent micro cultivators, we are able to compete with the existing economy of scale by creating our own economy of scope. A broad portfolio of cannabis strains, oils, edibles (2019), and lifestyle products will create a marketing advantage for our growers by appealing to a greater range of customer preferences. Continued diversification will sustain this advantage. Our turnkey ‘plug and grow’ model scales our cultivation square footage while keeping expansion and overall costs well below that of traditional producers.

A lot has to be covered in terms of time, capital, logistics, and effort, for a grower to transition into the legal cultivation ecosystem in Canada. Pattern will be there every step of the way.



Meet the team


Tom helped to shape the Canadian cannabis industry as both an advocate and retailer.

Tom is proven leader who has worked 20+ years in corporate retail and has spent the last 10 years franchising Jupiter.  Pattern Micro Cultivation will become an iconic craft cannabis cultivation and lifestyle brand across Canada.


founder + ceo

Tom Doran

Tom Doran was born in Edmonton but has also lived in Victoria and Toronto. After graduating, he spent a few years working for a major communications company, but soon realized this was not his passion. Raised by two successful entrepreneurs, Tom took over the family’s flagship specialty cannabis accessory brand in 2003.

The Jupiter brand became a member of the Canadian Franchise Association in 2009. There are now six locations in western Canada with continued plans for growth. With extensive experience in retail, leadership, finance, contractual law, intellectual property, supply and purchase agreements, project management, franchising, branding, human resources, scaling, marketing, and corporate governance, Tom brings invaluable insight with regards to consumer preferences, market demands and evolving trends in the cannabis sector.

With the opportunity created for micro cultivation in the Cannabis Act, Tom’s complete focus is to establish a dominant presence in the new federally regulated micro cultivation ecosystem.


cannabis facility designer | production manager | Consultant

Nick Boehme

Nick was born in Australia and graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce degree specializing in Economics and Marketing from the University of Melbourne. He currently resides on Vancouver Island.

Nick has over 40 years of cultivation experience and currently acts a Subject Matter Expert on Cannabis for several international consulting firms.

The guru is a highly sought after Cannabis Facility Designer who was also the Former Acting Production Manager and Product Quality Manager at Tilray from November 2013 to March 2016. 

In 2016, Nick assisted Kentucky Industrial Hemp with production (200 tons) and large scale CBD extraction from Hemp.

Mr. Boehme has also filed a patent for some Cannabis Vape Pen Technology he designed.

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Brian M. Rodonets

Born and brought up on Vancouver Island, Brian Rodonets, founding partner of biCoastal Architecture, brings expertise in architecture and planning to the firm.

He was the Architect of Record for Tilray.

Brian studied architecture at SCI ARC in Los Angeles, California and received his B. Arch Degree from the BAC in Boston, Massachusetts. This combination of contemporary and innovative studies at SCI ARC with the deep rooted classical and historical training at the BAC form the broad and comprehensive base of his professional studies.

His architectural degree was preceded by formal construction training at Camosun College in Victoria, B.C., as well as years of practical experience. He successfully completed a four year apprenticeship in carpentry and earned a Journeyman Carpenter Certificate in British Columbia. He continued on to work with many construction companies before pursuing his career in architecture.

Brian has taught architecture at the University of New Hampshire in Durham, N.H., and lectured at various school systems. He has served on various Building Committees, Advisory Boards and the local Land Trust in Kittery, ME.


Our Community.

We are building a community of the best craft growers in Canada and we are fuelled by passion and respect.


Passion and respect for the plant


Passion and respect for freedom and independence


Passion and respect for the cannabis lifestyle

Independent growers will produce the best dried flower and cannabis products in the legal cultivation ecosystem. There will be challenges with regulatory compliance, business processes, logistics, distribution, and the supply agreements will favor the broker and not the independent grower.  None of the territorial or provincial distribution outlets will purchase from one individual grower.  Our leverage increases as the Pattern collective grows.  The per gram average sale price will be higher if we work together instead of competing against one another.  

Our community is bigger than just growers. We have assembled a team of facility designers, builders, equipment suppliers, growing consultants, software companies, communications and marketing experts, lawyers, potential investors, and other strategic partners. 

Together, as a community, we will compete with the larger cultivators and we will all prosper.

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