Who We Are

We are Craft Cannabis.
We are Patter Micro Cultivation.

Pattern Micro Cultivation

Our vision is to create Canada’s largest legal independent collective of world-class cannabis micro cultivators.  We will aggregate production and stream compliant output through our distribution portal.

A collective is a group of entities that share or are motivated by at least one common issue or interest, or work together to achieve a common objective.

Pattern Micro Cultivation

Why We are Different

Pattern is a first mover in the micro cultivation space and we are the only entity building GMP micro facilities to purpose. All other models use the right of first refusal supply agreement; this system allows brokers and other purchasing entities to collaborate, cooperate, and agree on an average per gram that will be lower than the per gram average that Pattern’s collective will negotiate in the open craft cannabis marketplace. We will sell large quantities of our output to these companies. Pattern and its competitors want craft cannabis to thrive in Canada, but we simply differ on our approach.

Pattern will create a craft cannabis marketplace where our output will be sold at the market value price that we negotiate. Our bargaining power increases when micro cultivators are consolidated across the country.  We also process and package the output onsite at each facility and this allows us to be both selective about to whom our crops are sold to and the average price per gram we receive.

We will succeed by sticking with our approach and living our values:  collaboration, community, craft, and compliance.